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How to make a cantilever crane maintenance

1, jib operators should comply with strict rules, should be carried out before each use of the jib no-load running, and check the rotation, running, lifting, spacing and other institutions is normal, abnormal, outage maintenance should be qualified before put into use.
2 overload is strictly prohibited to use, when lifting heavy objects close to the rated load weight basis or evaluated.
3, cantilever beam orbit at both ends of the buffer or baffle for unlimited use, usually used them as usually parking is not allowed in the operation method, and is often collide.
4 rope, tie weights must have sufficient strength and securely reliable and ropes around the weights should be added at the sharp corner of the village, and to the lifting hook on the rope must be at the center of the hook will not slip.
5, does not allow tilting lift weights, prohibit the use of lifting hooks weight along the ground dragging or forced lifting pulling weights buried underground, are not allowed to use this Rotary arm to drag or impacts.
6, lift weights above no riding, prohibiting pedestrians below.
7, finished work or hours of rest, weight should not be suspended in the air for a long time, in case the institution permanent deformation.
8, electric Hu on the Kobe stopper is to prevent the hook lifting more than limit position without accidents or safety device, not the journey Jian Guan is often used, but not dismantled.
9, according to the use of the environment, should be regularly brushed Rotary cantilevers and cantilever beams on the wing (or walking track) accumulation. If the specific case where the peeling paint make up brush or spray again. BACK PAGE