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Cantilever crane installation and commissioning

After the user has purchased jib, how to install it and debug it, little wear give you some tips:
1, jib should be checked before installation research and revision parts due to defects caused by transport or improper storage, such as the cantilever bending deformation, axis and revolving body rust. Before installation it is necessary to turn parts cleaning oil. In the concrete foundations should be embedded Qian cable and ground facilities).
2, install the column should be columns and basis adjustment to the vertical position, then rotating cantilever properly through bolts and platen and rotary connection, and finally tighten the anchor nut, base base fit well at this time, gaps filled with concrete, dry concrete and test again.
3, and CD or MD, on the electric hoist was installed in cantilever beam, and Rotary drive unit is installed correctly.
4, will ring through the flat key and shaft, by joining the brush holder and clamp plate screws (A-A sections). ensure good contact brushes and slip rings, and finally install electrical controls.
5, installation should be checked carefully research each part is installed securely, electrical control wiring should not be short-circuited or leakage. Check the earthing resistance must not be greater than 4 ω, the insulation is greater than 0. 38MΩ。
6, debugging
(1)     NOLOAD tests--in case, switch on the agencies test, electric hoists on the cantilever beam left and right and hook up or down should be smooth, flexible cantilever-Rotary. Test research of electric hoist in cantilever beam direction and hook lift meets the control button in the direction indicated by; check electrical wiring work limit switches and other electrical equipment is safe and reliable. Dang electric gourd run to dead Shi, determination up rose height (that hook Center to ground of vertical distance) should ≥ h (up increased degrees)
(2)     static contains test--in run and the Rotary institutions not moving of situation Xia. electric gourd hook in away from column most distal of limit location, to 1.25 times times of rated load for try hanging, load rose away from ground 100 mm, loft 10 minutes, the institutions should normal.
(3) rated load test--in static contains test results good of conditions Xia, to rated load for test, and repeat lifting, institutions Rotary and around mobile rated load 15 minutes, the institutions should normal, brake Hou load fell distance should not is greater than 80 mm, over this value should adjustment electric gourd brake, then, in run and the Rotary institutions not moving of situation Xia, electric Hu Oedo in away from column Center most distal of limit location, determination hanging arm distal in rated load Xia of declined value should not over (column high + Arm length)/250 mm.
7, in order to prevent operational malfunction or accident, the emergency must be installed in the vicinity of the crane can cut off the power supply switch, power cable should be used YZ3xl.5 under GB5013-97 above medium-duty rubber jacketed flexible cable, attach a 1. 5mm2 per cent of the copper grounding wire. BACK PAGE