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Cantilever crane on advantages of small applications within the area of operation

    cranes come in many different sizes, large, medium and small machines used vary in scope. Cantilever crane light structure, is a small device. Cantilever crane is designed for hoisting equipment for modernization of production and production of a new generation of light, with its high reliability chain electric hoist is especially suitable for short distances, is heavily used, intensive lifting job, with high efficiency, energy saving, easy, small footprint, easy to operation and maintenance and so on.

    jib cranes of lifting capacity from 80Kg to 10000Kg wide should work on material transport, especially in the smaller jobs in the region, can greatly shorten the handling time and improve efficiency.

    jib cranes work intensity for light, crane column, composed of Rotary arm swing drive device and electric hoists, column by anchor bolts in concrete on the basis of the lower end, driven by cycloidal needle wheel Decelerator cantilever-Rotary, electric hoist in the cantilever beams around a straight line running and lifting weights. Crane boom for hollow shaped steel structure, light weight, long, heavy, strong and durable. Built-in walk structure using special engineering plastics with rolling bearing wheels, friction small, walking briskly; small size structure is particularly advantageous to raise hook stroke.

    in site confined area operations, preferred to start button to lift the load, using the bending of the beam and suspended motion, should be controlled by a skilled work, within the area of operation to avoid objects and buildings, to maximize the work area. Gently push and pull, work area can be achieved from any location. Due to the space limits, jib cranes must have more flexible rotation and landing device to complete the handling of heavy loads.