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Characteristics of the crane and use matters needing attention

&Nbsp;   when it comes to crane, everyone will think of this industry has been a hot online search volume is relatively large. Crane also has a different classification. They played a very important role in the work, this saves a lot of time at work to bring you a convenience. Now to explain the crane. This crane is a small device, its structure is relatively unique, security is also more reliable.
       social development is rapid, for devices with a wide variety of industries is also a high demand, more and more is that the machine can be smaller and better performance. So the crane industry is constantly being improved in function and quality of a lot of effort.
      crane is one of the many models of cranes, it proved that machines but also with the demands of society and have been trying to change. New machine is more conducive to the development of modern. In fact it is a light weight lifting equipment.
      using the crane needs attention?
     , in order to highlight the lubrication in relative motion of the parts more wire oil.  So you can play the best Rust prevention and lubrication effect, reducing wear.
      II, collision, to prevent brute-force loading and unloading.
third, the rope used to after a certain amount of time, need to get a new wire, in order to avoid the use of wire rope fatigue phenomena occur, be sure to ensure strength, meet the use the premise, looking for maximum number of bending and torsion (preferably anti rotation) of wire rope.
      crane is a light crane, so before using it must first make a detailed understanding, so that procedures can be used to avoid unnecessary problems. Be sure to regularly check and maintain the machine, the only way to prolong its service life. Do we also have after seeing a certain amount of understanding? BACK PAGE