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Balance crane selection combined with practical work

&Nbsp;     balance crane as a lifting device, it has many different features of adaptation. In the face of the hoisting and use of different cases, need targeted selection of balance crane. Other companies in the purchase of lifting machinery, the first to work for the enterprise use, frequency, utilization, rated capacity and other factors be taken into account, select suitable for use for work unit level of crane. According to the proposed technical parameters, to conduct market research. Select manufacturers, must be a professional crane safety license of special equipment manufacturing enterprises. And to study the compatibility of processing equipment manufacturer, production standards, the advanced nature of the product, compare and choose reasonable price, good quality, excellent performance and safety devices are complete lifting.
after the arrival of equipment right out of the box to check random data is complete when the acceptance, random accessories, tools, is consistent with the list in the annex, injury, defect equipment and accessories, and so, acceptance records and ready out of the box. Operator in front of the posts to use lifting structure, working principle, technical performance, safety procedures, maintenance systems, and other related knowledge and learn the relevant State regulations, norms and standards. By training local technical supervision departments achieve theoretical knowledge and practical skill examination in two ways, after passing, before operation.
     balance crane and jib is responsible for the actual selection to have a professional, capable of lifting machinery in the practical work of different load capacity is different, overload will not only cause damage to the machine, is not secure, therefore select the actual work is very important. BACK PAGE