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Explain to your jib crane jib-crane manufacturers operating three considerations

Below are three considerations for explaining the jib crane operation
     first, the persons concerned should be carefully shift, hooks, rope, brake, check carefully the reliability of safety devices, abnormal situation reports in a timely manner.
     second, the jib before starting, verify that the following is safe to boot:
    (1) all controllers are under zero; 
    (2) jib cranes and work whether there are staff in the region, workers are evacuated to safety areas;
&Nbsp;   (3) crane run the range if there is a clear obstacle;
    (4) the minimum distance of crane and other equipment or buildings are above 0.5M;
    (5) power circuit breaker device is locked or warning signs
    (6) whether the required level of mobile jib crane site, solid and reliable with good legs.
     third, during normal operation, the driver shall not engage in the following acts:
    (1) use permissions to restrict parking; 
    (2) using anti-braking; 
    (3) check as part of jib lifting operation and maintenance;
    (4) load hoisting, luffing mechanism of brake adjustment, or with increasing jobs;
    (5) from the head through the crane, and the crane boom shall not stand. BACK PAGE