Customer service

"sincerity-oriented, quality first" is Rachel strong lifting deep understanding of service Zhejiang strong Swiss jib Ltd is committed to providing, best in the industry, the most attentive customer service, focusing on existing customers, building a long-term relationship of cooperation, to provide customers with comprehensive services.

after-sales service of purposes
integrity for first, quality for this, relies on technology, excellence
sale Qian service
strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system on products for design, and production;
accept user of Advisory: technology problem, and products related knowledge, and provides various related information;
visit site production equipment: according to customer location, visit using I factory equipment of near enterprise;

sale in the service
1. undertake the installation of crane project advisory services;
2. cranes debugging operation of advisory services
3. a crane operator training services;

the specific content of after-sales service, our service standards in the contract services, and customer interviews.